Since we got shafted on winter break (barely two weeks), we’ve already started classes. The line up for the coming semester is pretty nice: ethics core, modal logic, Wittgenstein, and philosophy of language. Ethics is mainly about reasons for action, focusing on Smith’s Moral Problem and Korsgaard’s Sources of Normativity. Modal logic is a modal logic class (shocking!) oriented to philosophers. I’m curious to see how that goes since I’ve done some modal logic in the Amsterdam school. Wittgenstein will focus on the early Wittgenstein and the relevant Russell. No PI, but lots of Tractatus. Philosophy of language is a survey of the debate on what semantics is (or what what-is-said is). This class looks similar to the one I took last winter with Ken Taylor, which, incidentally, was the original motivation for starting this blog. I’m also going to attempt to sit in on a syntax class in the linguistics department. It is on Chomskyan grammar. Since I’ve only had a class in HPSG, I’m curious how the other half (or other 90% as the case may be) thinks.