This is probably evidence of how little it takes to surprise me. Today I found out that the later Russell was committed to the view that one could quantify over truth-functional connectives. So, one could infer from p&q to (\exists C)pCq for the appropriate types of &. This probably shouldn’t be surprising since he thought you could quantify over functions of the various types (ramified theory era) and he viewed the connectives as propositional functions. Since the connectives are just some propositional functions among others, they will be included in the various levels of the order (type? I’m getting mixed up) hierarchy. Russell’s type theory is also committed to the connectives being stratified, since you can’t have a lower order connective connecting higher order propositions.

Among other things that should have probably come to my attention before: Ruth Millikan has a book called “White Queen Psychology and Other Essays for Alice”. I must say, that is a fantastic title. This is something that should’ve been apparent earlier since last semester I read an essay by McDowell in which he quoted large parts of a Millikan essay called “White Queen Psychology”. I remember seeing that title and being distinctly puzzled, cause all that came to mind was the X-men villain, which really made no sense.