I’m going to put up a few links while I try to work on a few things. First, there is a long, interesting post on the Tractatus over at DuckRabbit that gets connected up to the Sokal hoax. Then, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews has a review of Anil Gupta’s Empiricism and Experience. I haven’t read Gupta’s book but I’ve been told it is very insightful. The review looks pretty favorable. This week’s Philosophy Talk is on Wittgenstein. The guest is Juliet Floyd, and Ken Taylor has a blog post up on why he is not a Wittgensteinian. Finally, for the multilingual reader, I’ve noticed I’ve been getting some visitors from a Spanish linguistics blog and what looks to be a computer science blog in a language I’m somewhat embarrassed not to recognize. Maybe Norwegian? [edit: It is in Dutch.] [edit: another Dutch (?) blog that linked to me.] [edit: The link to the linguistics blog has been fixed.]