There a nice little post on epistemology by Ken Taylor over at the Philosophy Talk blog. Ken is expressing some misgivings about a kind of epistemology that I tend to share. I don’t have much of anything to add to Ken’s post. In the video series Donald Davidson: Conversations with Philosophers that I’ve mentioned before, there is a panel discussion with Davidson, Quine and Strawson. One of the questions that they are asked is what they think the role of the skeptic in philosophy is. None of them think it is a particularly big role. Quine and Davidson respond similarly. Strawson says one of the best things I’ve heard from him. Roughly: This is one of the few things that I agree with Heidegger on. Kant said that the scandal of philosophy was that no one had proved the existence of the external world and Heidegger said the real scandal of philosophy was that people still tried.

[Edit: John Greco put up a follow up post to Taylor’s over at the Philosophy Talk blog. Also, over at Certain Doubts there is an interesting way to take Taylor’s post. Finally, Aidan has a good response to Taylor’s post in the comments here.]