I’m rather pleased to offer my readers a link to the freshly unveiled recordings of Bob Brandom’s Locke Lectures, “Between Saying and Doing,” as presented in Prague in April 2007. The original lectures are available here, including an updated technical appendix to lecture 5. The program is available here. There was quite a line up of commentators. The real treat is the audio of the lectures, comments, replies, and Q&A. The Locke Lectures didn’t seem to get that much attention online for some reason, so it is nice that they might get a bit more attention with these resources going up. I haven’t gotten to listen to the comments yet, but I’ve heard that they were insightful. The audio is being hosted at the U. of Chicago and might be available via their podcast service in the near future. Thanks to Jason Voigt for the links.

[edit: There is some commentary on the first lecture at SOH-Dan.]
[edit: Some commentary on the second lecture, also at SOH-Dan.]