There is what looks to be a good entry on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on the Frege-Hilbert correspondence and disagreement. It is interesting because it makes Frege seem slightly reasonable even though he ultimately loses. When I had read the correspondence a few years ago (I think I only read Frege’s contributions), Frege seemed rather unreasonable. It is nice to know I was incorrect.

[Edit: There is a new article on the philosophy of math up on the SEP. It looks like a nice little overview, especially the computation section at the bottom.]

I’ve discovered that it is difficult to juggle teaching with doing your own work (shocking, I’m sure). I have a paper due in a few days that is eating my free time. I hope to put up a new post either tonight or tomorrow. I keep meaning to write something on a topic other than Wittgenstein or Making It Explicit, but I have done an exceptionally poor job of thinking about other things.