I started this blog two years ago today. It is already two years and 303 posts old, not counting this one. Crazy. Time for a small retrospective. Since starting this I have gotten in to grad school, graduated from undergrad, moved across the country to Pittsburgh, started the program at Pitt, and bought an espresso machine. My interests have slightly shifted away from philosophy of language to philosophy of logic and of science. The Wittgenstein thing and the logic thing are still going strong. I seem to have picked up an interest in Kant along the way. When people ask what my interests are I still say my interests are philosophy of language and logic. I just glare when people ask what my dissertation will be on.

Deleting my name and repeats, the top 20 keyword searches that lead people here are:
1. brandom dummett logic
4. medieval language
5. words and other things
6. famous fallacies
7. meaning of oops
8. the world is everything that is the case
9. words of congratulations
11. explicit norms
12. two-dimensional semantics
13. we are sorry to inform you
14. “meaning is use”
17. philosophical speech
18. sellars cultured guy
19. kantian concept
20. latex blogger
They are delightful. I think I see a pattern.

Hopefully I will get in a more substantive post in the next few days.