Recent events have made me think that it would be neat to take (or someday teach, perhaps?) a class on contemporary empiricism. “Contemporary” might be slightly gerrymandered since I’m not exactly sure of some of the publication dates. But, what I was thinking was post-Quine, post-Vienna Circle, post-Sellars attempts at empiricism. The things I had in mind were: van Fraassen’s constructive empiricism in the Scientific Image and his later stuff like the Empirical Stance, McDowell’s minimal empiricism in his Mind and World and whatever the appropriate essays are (his exchange with Brandom on perception maybe?), and Gupta’s recent stuff in Empiricism and Experience. I’m not sure what else would go into it. Possibly some stuff at the start about the challenges to empiricism, such as “Two Dogmas” and EPM. That might be a bit much. What other stuff would count as contemporary empiricism, broadly construed, such as things that focus on the content of experience and how experience shapes knowledge. Surely there are other philosophers who would count. Maybe even some that don’t have some sort of Pitt association. [Edit: It appears that Jesse Prinz claims some empiricist sympathies. I’m not sure how much he fits, never having read his stuff. If he works, then he also fits the bill of a non-Pitt person.]