Yesterday I finished up enough stuff to call my second year of philosophy grad school done. I gave the final presentation for my directed reading with Anil Gupta. It was on the connection between Dunn’s gaggle theory and Belnap’s display logic, as presented in some articles by Rajeev Gore and Greg Restall. It is neat stuff and I hope to put together a post on it. (If wishes were fishes…) Belnap came to my presentation, which included an ever so brief introduction to display logic. That was cool, although a bit nerve-wracking even though both members of my audience were incredibly nice.

In any case, finishing that presentation brought me up to quota for classes I need to have done by the fall and my teaching obligations have been completely discharged. Woohoo! I still have some things to do over the summer: finish some outstanding model theory proofs and write a paper for my Carnap and Quine class. Neither of these are likely to be accomplished in the near future as I leave on Friday for a three week vacation in Japan. I don’t expect to be posting much while I’m overseas. Once I get back it looks like there will be some reading groups happening in Pittsburgh. The reading list is TBA. I feel like I should have some thoughts on teaching, but I don’t have anything put together. As I approach time when I have to start thinking about putting together a prospectus (or, spinning in the void, as I affectionately call it), I find myself drawn more to philosophy of logic. This is good since there are a lot of people around with which to talk about that. This is (possibly) bad since at the moment I know very little about the area. It just seems like a possible way of putting together some of my interests. I’m looking forward to reading a lot this summer since I didn’t do overly much of that during the year. That and having a year off from teaching. (A complete non-sequitur: I just discovered that my spellchecker doesn’t recognize “woohoo” as a word. How odd.)