What better way to get back into the habit of writing posts than putting up some links? I’m sure someone might suggest: write contentful posts. I am working on that, but all I can seem to manage at the moment is screwing around. I would call it “procrastination” but the only thing I could reasonably be described as procrastinating about is going to sleep.

In any case, I found out that one of my grad student friends, Alexei, has started a blog on logic and philosophy of math related things: Proof and Consequence.

There are also two new reviews on NDPR that could be good and of interest to readers of this blog. One is a review of Stanley’s Language in Context. I haven’t read it yet. The other is a review of King’s Nature and Structure of Content. I read this one quickly and it looks interesting, both for its criticisms of King’s specific approach and a more general criticism of the formal apparatus of much of philosophy of language. The author makes a case that many frameworks, from structured propositions to situations, are subject to a version of Russell’s paradox of the proposition.