It occurred to me that I don’t have a very good idea about either the origins or the foundations of semantics, primarily logical. In particular, why something counts as a semantics and whether this exhausts the possibilities for the concept are both a bit opaque to me. This is a bit open ended and vague, but that is roughly where I’m at. I’m not sure where to look for insight into this topic. A quick Google search reveals that, as expected, Tarski has an article on the matter, entitled “The semantic conception of truth and the foundations of semantics”. There is something on this topic in one of the early chapters of Marconi’s book Lexical Meaning. I think somewhere Brandom says something short about this. Apart from that, I have very little idea about where to look. It seems like Montague might have some thoughts on this. Possibly Kreisel or Carnap as well. Although, I am not sure where to look for any of those philosophers. Any suggestions?