The calm of summer is about to give way to the less calm start of the new year. Classes start on Monday. Posting has been a little slow because I’ve been plugging away at some things which have eaten into my blogging energy. I’m nearing completion on them though. Once classes start I should have some more things to talk about, so posting will, I hope, become regular again. I’m not teaching this year and I’m going to try to put the extra time to good use.

I have a good looking line up of classes. I’ll be taking three. Belnap is teaching a proof theory class for which we’ll be using Restall’s book. I am, of course, looking forward to it. Gupta is teaching a seminar on truth. I’m not sure what we’re reading. I think I remember hearing that the focus is on revision and fixed-point theories of truth, but I’ll have a better idea soon. Wilson is teaching a seminar on the philosophy of math and it looks like we’re going to be focusing on Russell, Cantor, Frege, and Dedekind, which should be interesting. With any luck I will be done with official class work by the end of the term and I’ll have the glimmerings of a prospectus idea.