The semester at Pitt has come to an end, and I declare victory over year three. It was a bit of a rough term. Posting has become a bit slow of late, but it should pick up again soon.

I’m officially past the coursework phase and at the prospectus phase of the program. I’ve spent most of my energy this term trying to figure out what to write a prospectus on. This has mostly resulted in me crossing off areas and ideas from my list. I’ve been meeting with Ken Manders and Anil Gupta regularly this semester trying to work things out. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Hartry Field’s new book, and I think a project idea is likely to come out of that. I’ll be meeting with Anil during the first half of the summer to continue talking about those ideas.

There were a few highlights to this term. The semester began with a visit from Greg Restall, when he gave a neat talk on proof theory. He somehow made time to talk to me about various philosophical things, some of my work and some of his, which I found highly beneficial. Slightly later, Greg Frost-Arnold rolled into town for Indian food and philosophy. At the end of March there was the Pitt-CMU grad conference, with talks by Chris Pincock and Hartry Field. It went smoothly. Shortly after that was the BelnapFest, which earned two posts. In addition to getting to meet a lot of amazingly good philosophers and interesting people, it gave me a sense of the history of Pitt. There were people from most generations of Pitt grads since Belnap came here in the early 60s. 

In addition to all that, I got a non-teaching fellowship for the fall. A part of the fellowship is the option of doing a directed reading with Nuel Belnap. I will, of course, take advantage of that. I’m planning on using the time to talk to Nuel about philosophical logic and getting to work on my prospectus or (in the best case) dissertation.

The other big thing this term was getting a paper accepted to the Logica conference in Prague. The paper is in philosophy of logic. I’m rather excited. The line-up of keynote speakers is pretty impressive: Nuel Belnap, Kosta Dosen, JC Beall, Hannes Leitgeb and Stephen Read. In addition to all of them, Ole and Greg will be there. The paper I’m presenting is, in part, an expansion of my comments on the paper that Ole gave at the conference here last year. 

This summer I’ll be talking to people about my possible prospectus idea and doing a reading group on philosophy of language until mid-June. At that point, I’m off to Prague for the conference and then visiting people in Europe. After that I’m not sure what is happening. In any case, year three is over.